Academic year 2015/2016

December 2015

Athénée Royal of SAINT GHISLAIN [B]

Our Classroom

This is the room where we work, the big table at the back of the classroom is our conversation desk. We use it when we do debates about all type of subjects. 

We often decorate our classroom for events and celebrations.

Here we did it for Christmas.


Lycée DANTON [FR] 

What is fashionable on Autumn / Winter 2015/2016 ?

Be charmed by the Autumn/Winter 2015/2016 Collection



Here is our opinion about fashion tendencies for Christmas 2015.



We made some researches and found some photos on internet which show the tendencies in France as well as in various other countries.


We found about the same style quite everywhere. Pretty, isn't it ? 




The photos we show you are only some examples.


You don't need to buy a brand to be trendy, just taking old pants or t-shirts... and made of it super clothes; the brand doesn't matter.

There are extremely pretty dress- up clothes.



You can find everywhere this kind of clothes and made very beautiful clothes with it to go to school or to a party. 




It is necessary to wear on again your old scarves and gloves for you will need it.






 Other pretty clothes to go out during the winter .