This personal teaching site is mainly intended to the pupils of  the European classes and to the parents of the pupils of these classes.  It can make it possible to pool my teaching work with my colleagues in particular on the one hand and with the educative community in general on the other hand.


Ce site pédagogique personnel est principalement destiné aux élèves des classes européennes et aux parents des élèves de ces classes. Il peut permettre de mutualiser mes travaux pédagogiques avec mes collègues enseignants en particulier d'une part et la communauté éducative en général d'autre part.

Up to date on april, 30, 2017

Mise à jour 30 avril 2017




A study trip with Max, a student in Litterature and English from D'Arsonval High School, Brive, France


A trip on the footsteps  of Canadians in Normandy by Philippe BARBEY on april 2017 with Max, a student of Litterature and English of the D'Arsonval High School of Brive-la-Gaillarde, France



An European Classroom between Belgium and France



The programme, the contains of teaching

Memorandum slips resources for european sections in english




The blog of the pupils of Lavoisier Professsional High School

A blog built during the academic year 2013/2014 in Philippe BARBEY's course of French / English pages by Sylvie MERCIER, teacher of English



A study travel for students in Communication

A travel to London organized by Philippe BARBEY on december 2003 for the students of Communication of the Maryse Bastié High School of Limoges - France



A virtual travel in whole Europe by team


CREA 2001-2003

Network of european cities and territories for conciliation

A social project led by Philippe BARBEY as social counsellor of the Family Allowance Fund of Corrèze (CAF de la Corrèze) from 2001 to 2003


Recommanded Websites / Sites recommandés


TEACHER'S CORNER (english/anglais)

Teaching material about European Union


ESPACE ENSEIGNANT (français/french)

Du matériel pédagogique sur le thème de l'Union Européenne


EDUSCOL (français/french)

Ressources pédagogiques pour mieux connaître l'Europe

Pedagogical resources for a better knowledge of Europa


EUROPEAN UNION (english/anglais)

EU Official website


UNION EUROPEENNE (français/french)

Le site officiel de l'UE


EUROPA - History of the EU (english/anglais)


EUROPE - Histoire de l'UE (français/french)



Espace professeur en ligne de Philippe Barbey


Espace Etudiants de Philippe Barbey