European Section / History pedagogical contains


Histoire-Géographie, Education civique

Compulsory program (FR) in Upper sixth (French Terminale) - 2014

G-Geography / T-Theme

G.T1 - Maps to understand UK

            One map at least at the exam

G.T2 - Globalization in action

            Territorial strategies

      or / United Kingdom in international mobilities

G.T3 - Territories in globalization

            A global city : London

     or / A global city : New York

H-History / T-Theme

H.T1 - Memories : historical readings

            The historian and the WWW II memories in UK

H.T2 -  Ideologies and opinions in Europe from the end of XIXst century to nowadays

             Trade unionism birth in USA from 1890 to 1920 years

       or/  British trade unionism from the beginning of the XXst century to 1997

H.T3 - The ways of power

            USA and the world from 1945 to 2003          

H.T4 - Goverments scales in the world from WW II to nowadays

            Ruling UK from the end of the WW II    


Non-Linguistic Subjects Resources for History Geography Educational to Citizenship

Ressources DNL Anglais pour l'Histoire Géographie Education civique


Académie de Paris


Le Clé des Langues


EMILANGUE - Geography-English

- Dongtan City or China's involvment in sustainable urbanism


- More than 6 billions of men on earth

- London docks reconversion


- United Kindgdom and European Union, an ambiguous relationship


 - Gated Communities in United States, an example of social and space fragmentation of american capital cities


EMILANGUE - History-English

- Enrolment of young men in the British army from 1914 to 1916


- The British Bill of Rights (1689), a fundamental text for the modern political thought


- Transformations of Industrial Age in United States and evolution of working class at the beginning of the XXest century


New resources slips for European Sections in English [03/17/2014]


Maps to understand United Kingdom
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G.T2 - G2

Territorial strategies of TNCs [TransNational Corporation-s]
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London global city
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New York global city
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H.T1 - H1

The historian and the memories of United Kingdom
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The historian and the memories of United States
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H.T2 - H2

British trade unionism since the beginning of the XXest century
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H.T3 - H4

United States and the world from 1945 to 2003
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H.T4 - H5

Ruling United Kingdom since 1945
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Ruling United Kingdom since 1945 - power point
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